Monday 17 March 2008

New Book

I'm busy writing my new book, Everyone a Leader: Celebrating Diversity Through Values. Every time I've written a book I've created it on a different technical platform.

I've decided the time is right to create this one, and subsequent books, using XML Copy Editor. I will use Ventura Publisher 10 to format/layout the book when I've finished writing it.

The advantage of writing the master text in XML is that the master XML document can be used to generate a virtually unlimited assortment of formats: eBook, hard-copy book, PDF document, XHTML (web pages) -- Ventura Publisher is designed to take XML and add the formatting in any way required.

Cross Country Season Starts

Saturday 15th was the first set of races for this year's cross-country season. I elected to run in the 3k. I was pleasantly surprised to run 20 sec. faster than my expected time. It was a great day.