Thursday 8 January 2009

I built this stereo amplifier for my Mum & Dad about 30yrs ago. It stopped working recently. The fault turned out to be simple. It just needed a new set of loudspeaker output sockets. It's now working as well as ever.

This is a Sansui stereo amplifier I purchased in New Guinea before I was married. That makes it 36+ years old.
A few days ago it started making a lot of noise in the left channel. The volume control had no effect on the noise, however, the treble control did affect the noise. This meant the offending component had to be between the volume control circuitry and the treble control circuitry. It turned out to be the 3.3 mf electrolytic coupling capacitor between these two stages. I replaced the capacitor and now it too is working as good as new.