Tuesday 22 January 2008

Interesting two weeks!

My 87 year old mum's computer's hard drive decided to pack it in. I've spent the past two weeks, in my spare time, recovering the data for her and getting a new computer/hard drive combination up and running with the data from the old drive intact.

Then would you believe, in the middle of a Skype/GoTomeeting session today, the hard drive of my laptop crashed. I do back up regularly, some of it only once a week though. I've booked the hard drive into a data recovery centre to see if they can recover anything.

In the meantime I've spent all afternoon, and a few more days to go, installing new software on my new main computer which runs Vista. Some of the old software simply won't run on vista and I found out there's no Vista driver in existence for one $3,500 colour laser printers! What do I do, scrap a perfectly good printer just because vista and it won't talk? The solution is to get one of my old computers working with XP and use it as a printer server on our network - now getting XP computers and Vista computers talking on a network is another story.

I decided to go for a jog with Stephanie, she brought her female flatmate too for the first time. We had a great jog in the forest until it was too dark to see. Now it's back to updating the new computer. Oh well, plenty of time to type into the blogs while software is installing.

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