Tuesday 13 November 2007

Beautiful day at Park Ridge

I've just finished cleaning our pool. What a beautiful day it is here. The frangipanis are just coming into bloom too.

There's a really bad drought here at present with severe water restrictions, so my younger son, Jason, and I have spent the past few weeks getting a bore we've had for years, but which hasn't bee working for the past 10, working again. We added a small pump near the house and connected it via pipes to the bore (30 metres away from the house).
I was taking a photo of the trench I just filled in between the bore and the house. It came out with an interesting effect with the light on the camera lens.

The bore is 30m (100ft) below ground level and the water is crystal clear as you can see from the pool photo. The spin off with using bore water in the pool is that we will now be swimming in mineral water - sounds healthy!

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