Tuesday 20 November 2007

Links to the Past

In a previous Blog entry I mentioned I was getting our old bore working again so we did not have to rely on town water which is becoming scarce. The photo below shows a micro-jet I adapted for use with the bore. It has a 1mm hole in the centre so works with a very low water flow.
The photo below shows the micro-jet in action. The spray is produces is so fine is is barely visible. It's in use here to water where new grass seed has been planted over an area we (my son Jason & I) re-contoured last weekend.

The re-contouring was necessary as, last storm, a large amount of leaves, sticks, etc. were washed onto the patio of our "barn". We have now re-contoured the ground the "barn" (in which my office is located) so storm water runoff will flow away from the patio. The scoop below was used for the contouring. It once belonged to my grandfather. That makes it over 100years old! It would have been made in the late 1800's. Its original use was to build dams by towing it behind a draft horse. We towed it behind our tractor.

Talk about links to the past! Two days ago, I found a Brazilian cherry tree, loaded with fruit. I've picked quite a few. They have an interesting taste - both sweet and sour at the same time. As a child I well remember eating fruit off the Brazilian cherry tree in my grandfather's back yard. We didn't plant this one, so it must have grown from birds dropping a seed. Does anyone have any recipes for making anything out of Brazilian cherries?

While taking the photo of the Brazilian cherry I noticed some wild verbena in flower:

And, I mentioned last week our frangipani trees are in flower:

That's all for now.

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