Sunday 6 April 2008

Creating God

As I watched the science program, Human Version 2, on TV this evening, I realised it is possible to create 'God' without having even a minutest fraction of the intelligence of God. What a fascinating concept! If you are wondering what I'm on about, post a comment and ask.


Anonymous said...

SO, what are you on about? (Sorry for being so late, but I'm only just catching up with all these blogs and emails etc ;-)
- Karynne x

Paul Chippendale said...

At some point in the future some people will understand how the brain works. It is predicted that at the same time people will be able to create a 'computer' with computational power many, many, many, times that of the brain. Then an entity will be created which will be able do things and understand things that we cannot ourselves understand.

I find it facinating that we can create a intelligence many magnitudes greater than our own.