Saturday 24 May 2008

What a Week!

What are the probabilities of three people you know all dying within a week without there being any connection between each person? Perhaps this is the week I should have bought a lottery ticket. The past few days unfolded thus:
  1. I get a call Thursday afternoon from Gisella to tell me our friend Roger (age 65 - 4 years older than me) is in hospital and not expected to live through the night. I drop everything I am doing (preparing for a workshop in Canberra) and rush over to take Gisella to see Roger. The hospital won't let us take our dog Starkey even though Roger loves Starkey. Gisella decides to take one of the balls Roger gave Starkey (they used to love playing ball together so much). When we arrive at the hospital Roger is too sick to talk to us. We are sure he knows we are there and pleased to know it. Gisella places Starkey's ball in his hand. He clutches on to it. Saturday we get word Roger has died. Wednesday Gisella has to attend an information session for a new job she is interested in and has to leave early for Roger's funeral. I can't attend because I am in Canberra running a workshop.
  2. I call Wednesday night to find out how Roger's funeral went. Gisella informs me another person we know (aged in his thirties) had died at the weekend from an asthma attack! The funeral is set for Friday just before her job interview with the same people she had an information session with before Rogers funeral.
  3. Friday night I arrive home from Canberra. My wife (Susan) picks me up from the Airport. The first thing she says is, "Your cousin Sandra has died." Sandra is the same age (3 days difference) as myself. I have always been very fond of Sandra. This is a real shock. At least next week I'm not running a workshop so will be able to attend Sandra's funeral.

What a week!

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Paul Chippendale said...

Attended Sandra's funeral today. I'll really miss her!