Monday 15 February 2010

Humans' place in the scheme of things

Some thoughts came into my mind in relation to the futility of trying to effect social change on a grand scale so I decided to record them here.

No one can change another's world-view through facts. One's world-view only changes when something of significance happens in the person's life to cause them to see the world differently--that process can't be engineered, it just happens.

Yet, it is only when a person's world-view changes that their values change. And, it's only when a person's values change that they choose a different path.

If we stuff things up so humans can no longer exist on this planet--I'm sure something human-like will evolve somewhere else at some point in time--there's billions of years to play with.

Anyway, I don't know why humans are so caught up in their importance. We are just a species like the dinosaurs who have our time at the moment, no doubt some other species will have it's time when we are gone.

In fact I wonder why we look at humans as so "evolved" that we put them at the top of the "tree of evolution". After all when you think of it, animals (of which humans are the worst) are a gruesome species. We can only live through killing and devouring other life forms. In my books, most plants are a higher life form than animals (including humans who by this measure are perhaps the lowest of life-forms). Plants are solar powered, on-balance they create rather than destroy the eco-system, and they live off life forms (compost, etc.) which have died a natural death. Above all, the majority of plants don't kill other life-forms in order to keep themselves alive.

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