Monday 15 February 2010

What [reality] collapse (the kind of ‘something of significance’ you mention) do you think will come first for you, and how soon are you expecting it?

This was another interesting question asked of me today which got me thinking.  A partial answer is below:

There are a whole range of influences that can change a person's world-view in an instant. From simply reading a book and having an "Ah-Ha" moment while reading it, to having a significant emotive event such as having someone close to you die unexpectedly and inexplicably. For more on this process please go to:

If you are asking what significant emotive events have impacted on me personally, here's a record of one:

There's no point dwelling on these events, they happen, learn quickly from them & get on with life. The way I believe is most effective in approaching life is summarised here:

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